​​Glenn P Clinger

Body of Work


​     Chasing a Dream(1994)

     Something Worth Dying For(1995)

     Uncle Tim(1999)

     Thursday Night Superheroes(2005) Created by Matthew N. Clinger - Comedy

     Life As It Is(2014) Adult Family Drama

     The Holiday Sweep(2015) Christmas Movie

Television Scripts:

    Camp Chaos(Pilot)** Co-Written with creator Sylvia McAlester(1996)

       **Aired on KITV-ABC station in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Camp Chaos episodes 1-13- Lead writer

    Sportin-Life in Paradise(1998)(Pilot)Situation comedy created by John Noland

    Professor Pettegrews Portal(2003)(Pilot) Children's program- Creator

    Hammer Down(2010)(Pilot) Situation Comedy- Creator- Available for Option

    NTSB Series(2012)(Pilot) "Vanishing Act"  Creator -Available of Option

    Rolling Justice Series(2015)(Pilot) Mystery Drama - Creator-Available for Option

     Chinatown Cop - Wrote and developed pilot and screenplay - 2016/2017.

​    Pacific Vice(2017)(Pilot) - Drama - Available for Option


     Flight 412(2006) Adult Drama

     Life's Little Hurdles(2007) Christian Family Drama

     The National Conspiracy(2009) Adult Drama

     Festival of Deception(2012) Adult Drama

     Rolling Justice(2013) - Mystery

     Rolling Justice - Case Two(2015) Mystery

     Rolling Justice - Case Three(2017) Mystery

     A Home For Bridget(2017) Children

​      Bridget's First Christmas(2017) Children